The links below will take you to the magazines, anthologies, and podcasts where my work can be found. Stay tuned for updates and new stories!


Vastarien: A Literary Journal Vol. 1 Issue 3

I Feel Better Now*: The first time I slammed my fingers in the car door it was an accident. The first time.

*Pushcart Prize Nomination


Mantid Magazine Volume 3

The Scritch: That’s when the voice, melodious but warped like a record that has slowed to a crawl, unnatural and childlike all at once, spoke from the well and said, “I’m so hungry


 The Lift season 2 episode 16 (free)

The Tin Heart*: Once there was a man whose name meant sadness…

*2017 Parsec Award Nomination


Strange Aeons

Cherub: In the woods, Jane presses her hands to mossy trees and feels their hearts throb underneath her palms. She knows their names…


Dim Shores: Looming Low

Heirloom: “It was such a wispy piece of skin that had bound us together in our mother’s womb. Louise fell away like a withered and wrinkled bundle of petals.”

LOOMING LOW is also available on Kindle for just 4.99


The Lift Season 2 ep 18 (free)

The Posies Velvet:  Mrs. Susi had leaned in close to Victoria, her eyes shiny and wet, and said, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, “I was a bird when I was born.”


Under The Bed Vol. 3 No. 3

Sleepyhead: “Daddy says Poor Old Mr.  Laney wandered off the loggin’ site and through the slough for three whole days before they found him, sittin’ there with his bare feet in the muck and the skeeters bitin’ at his e’sposed brains…”


Sanitarium Magazine Issue #28

Spineless: “‘What the fuck,” he mumbled, feeling the empty space his tooth had left with his tongue. Then, suddenly, a budge.”


Sanitarium Issue #31

The Peculiar Death of Barnabas Crackle: “The day had begun like any other ordinary day for Barnabas Crackle. That is to say, as extra-ordinarily as his days typically began, which were the usual for our faithful protagonist.”


Sanitarium Magazine Issue #42

Nomi: “Hanging from every corner, above every window, standing on every shelf and tabletop, were dozens of handmade birdcages. Nomi had crafted them all…”

*** Listen to Nomi for free here ***


A Shadow of Autumn

The Twisted End of Vernon Boggs: “They came knocking at his ever-locked door and showed him the papers, while their smiles slithered across their skeleton jaws like hungry serpents disguised as human flesh.”


The Haunting of Lake Manor Hotel

The Emancipation of Olive Pickbone


The Lift Season 1 ep 5  (free)

The Dance: “The music had drowned out the sounds of their dying. And I had danced…”


The Lift Season 1 Episode 16 (free)

Dandelion Tea: “In the back of my mind I know that Lucas is sleeping off his own toxicity somewhere and won’t be troubled to rescue me…”


The Wicked Library 2016 Halloween Special (free)

The Requisition of Grammy Digmarrow: ‘“Why, her hair was as white as those snowcaps yonder, even when I was a boy, nigh on sixty years ago,” an old man would tell you just before he spit in the dirt at your feet. “And meaner than a bear shot in the ass.”’


The Wicked Library: Doubly Dark

“In her first full-length episode, Brooke Warra helps us close out season 7 with two Wicked tales. In “Sleepyhead” a girl struggles to be accepted until fate ties her to a boy and everything changes, then in “Irreconcilable Differences” a man deals with a terrible loss the best way he knows how for many years until he’s presented with a choice.” The Wicked Library


Oona: A Fairy Tale (e-book, short story)

From Oona: A Fairy Tale: “One evening, after a particularly terrible row, the prince smashed his princess over the head with an old wooden clock and she tumbled to the floor, dead.”


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  1. Excellent. I see two I’ve not read. Must remedy that.

    I love the minimalism of your site, btw, the white space, the eschewing of black backgrounds and neon text and clutter. Go you.

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