New Writer’s Crash Course


When I started out four years ago, all I knew was I wanted to see my name in print. I had notebooks full of stories that I had written over the years but no idea how to find magazines and presses that would be interested in them.

How do you know who accepts submissions from the public?

How do you contact the editors?

What do they even want?

I was completely intimidated by the whole process.

Through a lot of trial and error and Google searches, I figured it out. I met other writers and they encouraged me, helped promote my work, and guided me through the process. I started selling my stories, building my social media audience, and slowly but surely I was on my way.

I wrote this class for new writers because I wanted to teach you everything it took me weeks, months, and years to learn. If you have a story to tell, you should tell it! Don’t be mystified by the process of sending your stories to editors and seeing your name in print. There are actually very simple steps to do this.

In this class, I outline exactly how this works. We will talk about how to find submission calls, how to write cover letters and bios, how to meet and network with other writers, and how to build an online following– and lots more. I wanted to make it simple and painless for the new writer. If you are interested in taking this class and have found this post, I am offering my readers a discount.

Go to The New Writer’s Crash Course and use the coupon code CRASH18 to get the class for just 21.99 (normally 89.99).



Author: brookewarra

Horror Writer for kicks. Soapmaker @The Naked Wytch on Etsy. Cheese on toast.

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