Maybe it’s Mabon!

A Mabon Spell


Kitchen witchery is the sh*t.

Yesterday’s crockpot beef stew was an act of magic.

Pulling something out of nothing- no! Not ‘nothing’. Pulling something from what one has to work with! Onions sauteed in butter, crisp celery, limp carrots, a chuck roast on the edge, potatoes (sans bulging eyeballs), and a bay leaf on top. A dash of red wine vinegar, heavy cream and cornstarch and we’re in business!

How is this spell work?

Simply, it is a wish I made for my family. A wish I put into action.

The primary reason for cooking a meal is to feed the hungry, but what else are we doing? We are comforting, we are consoling, we are loving when we prepare and offer food. When we prepare and serve food to our loved ones, we are doing so with intent.

In many rituals and among many paths, when we offer gifts of food to the gods, we, ourselves eat those foods to symbolize the gods consuming our offerings.

For instance, when my partner prays to Ganesh for assistance, they leave a small offering of candy and after some time spent meditating on the request or perhaps after the inquiry has been answered, they will eat the candy they have left for Ganesh.

The offering is symbolic!

A ritual doesn’t need to be complicated! It can be (and very often is) the act of creating something from what you have.

For me, this is an exercise in gratefulness. I’m not talking about the toxic-positivity brand of gratefulness. I have my sh*t days. I struggle with my mental and physical health. Currently, my partner, myself and my children are all living in the spare space of someone else’s house while we look for housing during a pandemic. My partner didn’t get a promised raise at work and I have no idea if my small business can survive a second move. My body is ragged from working. I’m frustrated, tired, and (honestly) scared a lot of the time.

But the act of cooking a meal for my family with the leftover ingredients in the communal fridge is a reminder to me. A reminder of the kindness and generosity of friends. A reminder that we do not go hungry.

A reminder to acknowledge this moment, this feeling. To greet it, embrace it, and let it go.

Did this one meal solve all our worries?

Of course not!

But for the duration of the meal, we were all together, we were in the moment. And during the act of cooking I was able to create something from scraps. Much like writing from the reservoir of personal experience. Or filling a beautiful junk journal with remnants from your art supplies. Or how a bullet journal comes to life when you fill it with your seemingly mundane, day-to-day errands and tasks.

And this was how I celebrated Mabon without even realizing I was doing so.

Later, I made three batches of soap and when I couldn’t sleep, I sat down and wrote a spell for myself in the pages of my bujo.

A spell for abundance

The idea of an illustrated spell jar in a journal works the same as a physical spell charm or spell jar. The drawing is there to remind me of my intent, any actions I need to take, and to help me recognize when I inevitably receive what I’ve asked for.

Here is the spell for your own practice. Feel free to substitute & improvise!

Mabon Abundace Spell

  • Cloves
  • Cinnamon
  • Basil
  • Allspice
  • Thyme
  • 1 jar or cotton bag
  • Candle

Length of spell: 1 week

Day of the week: Thursday

New or Full Moon

Place all ingredients in jar or pouch. If in jar, place in window where the moon can activate the spell. Remember to acknowledge your intention and leave offerings if you like. If in pouch, wear for the next 7 days. Meditate on what abundance means to you.

Remember times in your life when you received unexpected gifts. Remember times you got exactly what you asked for! Believe and know that you can draw these gifts to yourself at will.

On the 7th day, light a candle. Holding the jar or pouch in your hands, mediate on the feelings of gratefulness and satisfaction as if you have already received the gifts you have asked for. Trust that these things will happen!

Burn or bury the contents of your spell.

Give thanks!

Mote it be!


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