Brooke Warra grew up in a deep, dark wood where she developed a taste for the macabre. She is the author of horror and weird fiction stories and an artisan soapmaker. Find her on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram. Her work has appeared in various magazines, podcasts, and other outlets such as loomin

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The Naked Wytch: Blending Artisan Soap with Witchcraft

Logo by Allison Fisher

The Naked Wytch products are a fusion of magick and bathtime. We have an ever-evolving line of products, including our signature spellsoaps, soaps for people with sensitive needs, spell charms, bath bombs, bath teas, and salts.

Our store is now open on Etsy!

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Malleus Scriptorium
Boogie Nights
Abundance spellsoap by The Naked Wytch
Sex Magick spellsoap by The Naked Wycth

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